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Abu Dhabi Media signs MoU with Zayed University

20 May 2018

Abu Dhabi Media has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Zayed University to establish a framework of cooperation and coordination between the two parties in the fields of media and academia. The MoU will also allow an exchange of specialized expertise in areas of common interest, in a way that builds up the partnership and ensures that the highest levels of performance are achieved.

Signed by H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media, Dr. Riad Abdul Latif Al Muhaidib, President of Zayed University, the ceremony was attended by Sultan Al Hosani, Chief Operating Officer at ADM; Abdulrahman Al Harthi, Executive Director of the Department of Television at ADM; Hamad Al Kaabi, Acting Executive Director of Publishing at ADM; Dr. Darwish, Assistant Professor at Zayed University; AbdulRaheem AlBateeh, Head of Government and International Relations; Mohammed Saif, Office Manager of ADM General Manager, and a number of department directors and officials from both sides.

Through the MoU, both sides will share training, research and consultation in order to benefit from their respective academic and media experiences; and their capabilities and potential to fulfill the objectives of the fields of education, media and journalism.

Under the agreement, Abu Dhabi Media will establish a media-training center for the company's employees, media students, press and government communication staff, and those wishing to practice media. This in turn will form the nucleus of a future media-training academy that will provide qualified cadres and establish a guide to recognized editorial methods; in addition to conducting a study about the public.

Dr. bin Tamim said:  "This MoU aims at empowering students in the various aspects of media by providing them with the necessary skills and expertise required to facilitate their entry into this field and help them work and lead the media sector in the future."

"This also confirms our keenness to launch strategic initiatives and cooperate with various stakeholders in line with the UAE local and federal plans and initiatives to strengthen our nation’s economic and social drive towards leadership. This is part of our social and national responsibility towards youth," he added.

"Strengthening cooperation between the University and Abu Dhabi Media holds great importance in a strategic vision aimed at exploring joint work opportunities in fields of training and research. It enables keeping abreast with the rapid developments in the ICT sector which benefits both parties and establishes a long-term partnership with Abu Dhabi Media,” 

In this regard, Dr. Al Muhaidib emphasized the joint efforts of both parties, to support the involvement of youth in scientific research and training in the various fields of advanced media, assimilation of new mechanisms and concepts and ownership of digital tools. This will lead to maximizing the benefits reaped by community institutions to prepare a new generation of media cadres capable of serving the UAE and assimilating the latest in media, journalism and publishing.

Dr. Al Muhaidib also pointed out that the University is ready to provide training services to develop the skills of Abu Dhabi Media’s employees in the digital transformation of media, assist in carrying out researches and studies related to raising the performance of media professionals and help overcome the challenges facing the publishing, press and media sectors.  Zayed University has gained a leading and prominent position in providing professional training programs in a variety of fields including education, media training, research and consulting. 

Through the MOU, Abu Dhabi Media will provide specialized consultation on transition methods to digital media, conduct research and studies on how to develop professional performance and on the challenges facing the publishing, press and media sectors. Abu Dhabi Media will also hold workshops to train journalists on how to transition to digital media and technologies in publishing.

On the other hand, Zayed University will provide the necessary facilities to support the research and studies, facilitate the training of students in platforms affiliated to Abu Dhabi Media and sponsor student media initiatives.