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Supplier Relationships

Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Media Company supplier registration platform. Suppliers interested in providing their services to Abu Dhabi Media Company can register their companies here. Registration is a crucial one-time step, allowing our team to easily communicate and access the supplier's registered data. Through this service, suppliers can track their registration status, pre-qualification procedures, and other matters related to purchasing and payment processes. We have developed this platform to offer a unique digital experience, enhancing transparency and business efficiency in accordance with applicable procedures.


Documents required for online registration:

  • A valid commercial license.
  • Value added tax certificate (VAT).
  • A Bank letter with bank account details and International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

Supplier Pre-qualification:

Suppliers will undergo a pre-qualification procedure and will receive:

  • Final approval for registration.
  • Supplier registration number.
  • Username and password.


  • Terms and Conditions Form (Reviewing and ACKNOWLEDGMENT) Click Here
  • Occupational Health & Safety Requirements (Reviewing and ACKNOWLEDGMENT) Click Here

Note: All suppliers shall acknowledge the above forms, acknowledgment feature is available in the supplier’s registration system upon registration.

For Supplier Registration queries, please email us at : supplier.registration@admedia.ae