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Abu Dhabi Media Covers Flag Day Celebrations on the 2nd and 3rd of November

1 November 2017

Abu Dhabi Media announced that it will cover the Flag Day Celebrations on the 2nd and 3rd of November through all its audio, video, print and digital media platforms. This comes as part of its commitment to providing content that highlights the enlightened vision of the UAE leaders and their achievements, as well as supports the values and aspirations of the UAE society.

The coverage will encapsulate live broadcast of events, news, interviews and audio recordings of commentary from prominent community members and national personalities.

Abu Dhabi TV Network

Abu Dhabi TV, Emarat TV and Abu Dhabi Sports will focus on covering official and public events across the UAE on Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Their live broadcast will cover the Abu Dhabi Breakwater area which hosts the tallest flagpole in the UAE. The channels will cover the flag hoisting events in the presence of the Crown Prince and deputy rulers.

The coverage will begin with live studio interviews with guests from various fields. Correspondents will report live from every Emirate showcasing the different flag hoisting ceremonies and events.

Abu Dhabi TV will further continue its coverage of the national celebrations through its news and the Abu Dhabi Events program.

On Friday, live coverage of the UAE Armed Forces military show titled “Hosn Al Etihad” (Fortress of the Union) will be broadcasted on Abu Dhabi Emarat TV from 04:30 p.m. - 05:30 p.m. This aims to highlight the important role the military has been entrusted with to preserve the security of the UAE, its citizens and residents.

Celebrations will continue to be covered across the broadcasted programs on Abu Dhabi TV Network on Thursday and Friday. The logo specific to the occasion will appear on all channels, in addition to national fillers and national songs in honor of Flag Day.

All digital platforms and social media channels of Abu Dhabi Media will provide wide-ranging coverage of all events in order to reach and interact with the widest audience segments.

Aletihad Newspaper

Aletihad Newspaper will take part in the celebrations by distributing a gift flag to its readers with their 2nd of November newspaper edition. Aletihad will also be covering the Flag Day March, which will start from the newspaper’s headquarter and heads to the TV and Radio broadcasting building.

The Flag Day edition will also be printed with a special appendix that highlights the history, symbolism and national importance of the flag. Meanwhile, the newspaper’s local, economy, sports, culture and views sections will focus on Flag Day articles, topics and coverage. All in all, the journalists have been directed to write about the importance of the flag.

Majid Magazine

Majid magazine will participate in the celebrations through a special cover on its Wednesday edition with the slogan ‘Raise the Flag High, Fly it with Pride’. The magazine aims to foster the symbolism of the flag and this national occasion in the hearts of children and adolescents through its opening article ‘Ma’a Mahabaty’ (With My Love) titled ‘Flag Day - Celebration of Nation’.

The magazine has also devoted two pages to explain the meanings of celebrating the occasion and the flag’s colours through an informative illustration. The adventures of ‘Mazoon and Dandoon’ will be titled ‘The Most Beautiful Four Colours’. In addition to publishing two poems, the special edition concludes with a drawing entitled ‘My Country’s Flag’.

Zahrat Al Khaleej Magazine

For its Thursday edition, 2nd of November, Zahrat Al Khaleej will publish a meeting with the Director of Watani Al Emarat Foundation on their social media platforms. This campaign will invite the public to participate in the magazine’s efforts to spread awareness on the meaning and symbolism behind the flag from September till October. It will also publish a study accompanied with pictures and information on the conception of the flag and its symbolic meaning for the people of the UAE people.

National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine 

National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine is supporting the efforts of Abu Dhabi Media through its digital platforms on social media through innovative artworks that embody the sublime meanings of this day and its importance in the hearts of its followers and readers.

Abu Dhabi Radio Network

The Abu Dhabi Radio Network will support the Flag Day activities across all its Arabic and English radio stations.

Quran Kareem FM will be celebrating the events throughout three days by broadcasting a recorded program on Flag Day, which addresses Sharia and national aspects. The radio channel is also partnering with the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEC) to produce special episodes with school students speaking on the occasion.

It will also present special sections on Flag Day though its daily programs such as ‘Sabah Al Nour’, ‘Al Qol Al Fasel’ and ‘Al Manhal’.

Emarat FM will take part in the event through all its daily programs by covering broader celebrations of the entire UAE community and specially recorded programs, while their ‘Ahla Sabah’ program will cover the Abu Dhabi Secondary School celebrations live.

Star FM will also participate through its ‘Sabaho’ program that will have two segments for its listeners: the ‘Flag Day Story’ and the UAE flag story.

The news centre of the Abu Dhabi Radio Network will also host a comprehensive coverage of the event through its correspondents across the country to inform listeners of the latest developments alongside the preparation of special reports to be broadcast during the news sessions.

Non-Arabic radio stations will also participate in this important celebration by educating its listeners on the day’s significance. They will also highlight this national occasion on their social media platforms, which are very popular with large followership.