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“Dahaleez Al Thalam” a documentary to hit Abu Dhabi TV screen on Sunday 14 May

8 May 2017

Abu Dhabi TV of Abu Dhabi Media will start displaying a documentary series entitled "Dahaleez Al Thalam" on Sunday 14 May. Produced by Abu Dhabi TV, the documentary discuss all the details related to the secret society of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in the UAE, providing conclusive evidence and exclusive recordings and confessions for the first time on TV on crimes and plans of this organization in the UAE.  

The documentary series consists of four parts of a chronological narrative about the organization inception, formation and ways of recruitment. The documentary will also try to explore their secret world and find out about their real allegiance and their homage to their leader, covering their journey and ending with their arrest and trial.     

The documentary series will start on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on Abu Dhabi TV for two weeks. Part I will be broadcast on this 14 May covering the "Beginnings and Roots of the Conspiracy" and behind the scenes. On Tuesday 16 May, Part II will be displayed covering the "Recruitment and Allegiance" as a part of the detailed historical narrative of the organization. On Sunday 21 May, the channel will display Part III, which will discuss when the "Masks Falling Off" and former members were discovered and persecuted. On Tuesday 23 May, the last part will cover the collapse of the organization and the trial of its members as well as secret details that have not been revealed yet.   

According to Abdul Hadi Al Sheikh, Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Television, ‘Dahaleez Al Thalam’ documentary series is a part of Abu Dhabi TV's responsibility towards the society and keenness to raise awareness and communicate the true image to the public on critical issues related to the nation, especially its fight against terrorist thoughts embodied in the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’s’ Agenda. The broadcast of the documentary is another step in the journey started by TV drama that has become one of the influential sources of enlightenment that can play a significant role in forming public opinion.      

In the same context, Abu Dhabi Media produced a TV series entitled "Betrayal of the Homeland" adapted from ‘Ritaj’ a novel by Hamad Al Hamadi. This TV series was the spark that ignited the work on revealing the hidden truth about the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ secret society and their unspoken history by delving deep into the lives of its members and focusing on the impact of their destructive thoughts on their surrounding society.  

In this regard, Abu Dhabi Media has played a patriotic role via its traditional and digital media platforms that have been mobilized to provide a deeper understanding about the true nature of the secret society and its destructive role manifested in its agenda and find out ways to face such agenda by combating extremism and stressing the true essence of a homeland and the valuable human message it conveys.