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UAEBuzz attends “Snapchat” Workshop to further enhance professional skills

11 April 2017

Mohamed Al Mahmood: “These programs support our strategic objectives to build a team of skilled and highly qualified media personnel."

Salem AlNuaimi: The undertaking of this training underscores our continued commitment to excellence across the media industry

Ray Eglington: Abu Dhabi Media’s participation highlights MEPRA’s commitment to advancing the standard of our profession across the Middle East”

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, April 11, 2017: Members of UAEBuzz, Abu Dhabi Media’s (ADM) service for social networks, attended a workshop on “Snapchat of Business” hosted by the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) at the Radisson Blu in Dubai on April 2nd and at Abu Dhabi Media’s headquarters on April 3rd. 

The Snapchat training is aligned with Abu Dhabi Media’s dedication to ensuring that employees are provided with the tools and resources that they need to further develop their professional skills. The training also forms an important part of ADM’s on-going commitment to enhancing its services to better serve the organization’s wide audience base with a high standard of media content across its diversified media platforms and brands.

This workshop has contributed to helping the UAEBuzz team to present themselves as leading ambassadors of the ADM brand. The session helped reinforce the UAEBuzz team’s position as the foremost social media influencers in the region as they continue to provide excellent content from a wide range of sectors to local and international audiences. 

Hosted by MEPRA, the industry body dedicated to enhancing the communications industry in the region, the workshop encouraged members of UAEBuzz to engage with the social media platform with a new perspective, challenging them to investigate the formula behind some of the most successful channels on Snapchat.

Advised by workshop leaders Virginia Salas Kastilio and Lorna Blount from Snapchat Consultancy, Ginicanbreathe, the team discovered new methods through which they would be able to research their target markets, connect with other influencers, build their content strategy, create engaging content and monitor their reach. Acquiring innovative thematic ideas and online strategies, members of UAEBuzz obtained unique industry insight into how to expand their network and advance their professional skills using Snapchat. 

H.E. Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood, Managing Director and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Media, said: "Our participation in these courses come as a result of our continuous efforts to provide distinguished media services in accordance with the highest professional standards. These programs support our strategic objectives to build a team of skilled and highly qualified media personnel."

"Abu Dhabi Media has created short and long term plans to develop its employees and enhance their capabilities at various levels in line with our continuous approach to adopt the latest media practices and techniques to provide targeted and qualitative content to our audience." he added.

Speaking about their participation in the workshop, Salem AlNuaimi, Acting Director of Communications at Abu Dhabi Media said: “By encouraging our social media influencers to undertake training from one of the leading bodies dedicated to enhancing the communications industry in the region, Abu Dhabi Media reaffirms its commitment to a high standard of excellence across the industry and to providing the most advanced media services for our followers and audiences here in the UAE and across the world.”

Dedicated to setting standards of excellence in the communications industry across the region, MEPRA provides an ideal community through which industry professionals such as those from Abu Dhabi Media can acquire the latest industry insights, network with peers and further their professional skills.

Ray Eglington, Chairman of MEPRA, said: “MEPRA has established itself as a beacon for excellence in communications throughout the region. Through our training schemes and workshops, we ensure that industry professionals such as those at UAEBuzz have access to the resources they need in order to grow their networks and enhance their knowledge as they advance the standard of the profession across the Middle East.”

UAEBuzz was launched in 2016 as a new service for social networks. The service,”Social Media Ambassadors", is aligned with the growth of digital media in the region’s media sector, strengthening the online presence of Abu Dhabi Media on social media networks and providing information through new and innovative channels to highlight the various initiatives and special events launched by Abu Dhabi Media and its clients.

MEPRA is the region’s leading body for public relations and communication professionals and students. Founded in 2001 in the UAE, MEPRA is a self-governing non-profit member association, established to set world-class standards for the public relations and communication industry in the Middle East.