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Basant Shams El Din: "Funoon Afternoon" a different experience. Abu Dhabi Media is an inspiring institution

5 October 2017

Basant Shams El Din has joined the Abu Dhabi Radio Network team to co-host, with Ahmed Nasr, the "Funoon Afternoon" show (Afternoon Arts) which is broadcasted on Star FM from Sunday to Thursday starting 1:00 pm for a period of 2 and a half hours. El Din will enrich the show with her long media presentation experience, and will add a new spirit and creativity to the show.

Basant Shams El Din expressed her join of joining a major and inspiring institution such as Abu Dhabi Media, which will enrich her career. She also expressed her pleasure to be a part of the Star FM team, which is known for its youthful spirit and its role of reflecting the cultural diversity that characterizes the capital. Abu Dhabi, through meaningful and attractive content.

Basant said that, from her very first moment in "Funoon Afternoon", she was keen to form a nice going couple with her co-host, through adding a great sense of humor while maintaining the quality of the show’s content and attractiveness. The program is a different and profound experience that will enhance her media career.

Shams El Din has joined Star FM after a long and successful media journey that began at the age of 19 in the UAE, where she worked for Music Plus from Abu Dhabi and presented several art and entertainment shows for two years. She later moved to Zee Arabia Channel to co-present a direct English-language art show with the celebrity presenter Simon.

She then moved to the channel "Wanasa" where she presented the first show broadcasted by channel at the opening in Amsterdam. Later she presented several art shows in "Rotana Khalijia, including the famous show "Ya Hala."

The “Funoon Afternoon” show deals with a variety of art related themes, providing full coverage of all Arab and international art events. It holds interviews with various Arab superstars, as it hosted top singers, actors, directors and writers in addition to a plentitude of musicians and composers.

The “Funoon Afternoon” is the only show specialized in airing and analyzing music in a simplified way, in addition to several fixed segments specialized in music from the Arab world. The show also deals with social topics while preserving the artistic nature.

The show focuses on live interaction with its listeners by receiving live calls and airing the requested material.