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"Al Khair Ba’ounkom" highlights Abu Dhabi’s traditions of benefaction and generosity

1 August 2017

Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) hosted the "Al Al Khair Ba’ounkom" workshop on Wednesday, July 26th at aletihad newspaper building to further enlighten its employees on the values of sacrifice, altruism and charity held by the UAE, and shed light on its humanitarian and relief campaigns that help the afflicted people in various countries worldwide.

Abu Dhabi Media explained that the workshop was organized in support of the “Year of Giving” initiatives launched by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and was aimed at highlighting the UAE’s humanitarian efforts, which ranked the UAE as the world’s top humanitarian and development aid donor; a recognition that goes along with the giving and charity culture instilled in the UAE community.

The workshop, presented by Ahmed Al-Yamahi, the anchor of “Ounak” show which was broadcast on Abu Dhabi TV channels during the holy month of Ramadan in cooperation with the UAE Red Crescent Authority, discussed the behind the scenes atmosphere in more depth and the suffering of the nations he visited to cover the Authority's efforts to deliver aid to the afflicted people through projects and campaigns inside and outside the UAE. At the conclusion of the workshop, Abu Dhabi Media invited its employees to participate in charity efforts by making in-kind donations, which Ahmed Al-Yamahi will distribute to those in need, in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent Authority during his future coverages.

 “Ounak” was the most watched show on "Al Emarat TV" during the holy month of Ramadan. It also received a huge public response on social media, where the show’s hashtag was named on the list of the most popular Twitter hashtags in the UAE for full 3 days .

The series of ‘Al Liwan’ workshops which are held periodically by Abu Dhabi Media for its employees, cover various topics related to institutional work, life-skills and creativity development, as well as learning about the inspiring experiences of some of the most influential Emirati figures in the community, which is conductive to the objectives of the company and promotes high quality and excellence.