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Abu Dhabi Radio to air "Qatar: Politics of Darkness"

10 August 2017

Abu Dhabi Media announced the launch of a radio political program entitled "Qatar: Politics of Darkness" on Emirates FM, Abu Dhabi FM,  Quran Kareem and Star FM radio stations of Abu Dhabi Radio network this Friday.    

Through this weekly program, Abu Dhabi Radio network seeks to keep up with the events in the region. It will highlight how Qatar lost its way and started to interfere in Arab States' affairs, supporting terrorism and providing finance for terrorist groups.   

The 30-minute radio program will discuss the latest developments on the political arena in the region. It will call the Qatari politics into question and reveal the contradictions therein and how Qatar becomes inflexible with Arab countries and neighbors. It will unveil how Qatar finances terrorism and follows the path of its ally Iran, which confirms its political duplicity.     

Communicate the true image

H.E. Ali bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media said, "The launch of this political program via Abu Dhabi Radio is a part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness and communicate the true image to the public on sensitive issues related to our homeland security and defeating terrorism and extremism that are closely identified with Qatar's policies.   

"Abu Dhabi Media seeks to play a committed national role through its various platforms to provide deeper understanding of the existing events at the regional level and the vandalistic behavior of Qatar towards its neighbors and Arab countries. Therefore we should reach out to as large audience as possible", said Bin Tamim.     

"Qatar: Politics of Darkness is one of the productions adopted by Abu Dhabi Media to unmask the reactionary ideologies and spread enlightened thoughts that people really need", concluded Bin Tamim.

Professional and Analytical Review

Abdullah Al Zaabi, Deputy Executive Director and Director of Radio Operation of Abu Dhabi Radio Network, stressed that "Qatar: Politics of Darkness" focuses on the professional and analytical review of the condition of the Qatari policy in the region. It seeks to raise awareness among the audience to the facts and distorted practices and messages that Qatari authorities want to convey via various media platforms and channels made for this purpose. 

"Abu Dhabi Radio network continues to show constructive content, adopting a professional line to introduce the audience to the evil designs, fanaticism and grudges harbored by Qatar. That is why this program will be aired across all the Arabic speaking stations of Abu Dhabi Radio to reach out to as large audience as possible", said Al Zaabi.  


“Qatar: Politics of Darkness” will be broadcast by three radio stations to reach the largest audience possible across the region. The three stations have a great impact and a wide audience inside Qatar. 

The program will be aired on Abu Dhabi FM on Fridays at 3:15 p.m. after the Three O' Clock Bulletin and will be rerun on Saturdays at the same time. On Emirates FM, the program will be aired on Fridays at 5:00 p.m. and will be rerun on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m.    Finally, on Star FM, the program will be aired on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m.

Quran Kareem

With the same context, Quran Kareem radio station will broadcast the program on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. special episodes via Istashir and Al Khair Byseer  (Seek Guidance and Expect Good Things) by Counselor Dr. Youssef Al Sherif. These episodes are designed to unmask how the Qatari regime deals with these incidents and will focus on the legal aspects.  


This program is made, presented and directed by an elite of efficient national media personnel. It will be presented by Mr. Ahmed Saleh, Director of News Center at Abu Dhabi Radio, programmed by Mr. Haitham Hamdan, Editor in Chief at Abu Dhabi Radio, and directed by Mr. Khalid Al Shamsi, Main Director of Abu Dhabi Radio. The News Center of Abu Dhabi Radio supports the program through research on data and information that supports the topics discussed in each episode offering the audience a discussion with accurate information.