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Children’s Problems and their Causes in “Zohour Al Umr” on Al Emarat

23 March 2017

Al Emarat TV continues the new season of “Zohour Al Umr” (Arabic for “Flowers of Life”) from Shams Al Saadi every Friday at 7:00 p.m. UAE time (6:00 p.m. KSA).

Episode 4 of “Zohour Al Umr” deals with the problems of housemaids by shedding light on the reasons that lead them to abuse and torture the children in revenge from their sponsors parents. The segment is hosted by Dr. Karima Al-Eidani, a specialist in mental health and psychiatric guidance and advocate Adel Abdul Qader, Head of Human Rights Culture Team at the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal. In the second segment, the show discusses the establishment of the first gym in the UAE for children from six months to ten years. This segment hosts Ms. Bianca, the owner of My First Gym and Ms. Nada Abu Georgi, the Media Spokesperson. The show will present footage of children aged between six months and two years while in training on different sports devices. The last segment of the episode will see Dr. Dina Saleh, Consultant Pediatric/ Neurologyin the American Center Psychiatry and Neurology, speaking on the subject of epilepsy in children, its causes and treatment methods as well as tips for families with an epileptic child.

‘Zohour Al Umris’ presented by Shams Al-Saadi, focuses on children from breastfeeding age until the end of primary school. It deals with the psychological, health and social aspects and educates families on the problems that their children may experience and how to find scientific solutions for them such as identifying children's personalities and causes, children's health nutrition and other topics.