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Abu Dhabi TV Cams scatter across the city to bring a glimpse of the city’s life

23 March 2017

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel starts today (Saturday 25th March) its biggest and most extensive coverage of the 2017 Dubai World Cup, which will continue until the end of the races at midnight. The coverage will start from across Dubai to witness the public’s responses and reactions to the event and will proceed from there to the racing track, which will bring together the elite and best of the world's horses to compete in the most prestigious horse racing event in the world.

“For the third consecutive year, Abu Dhabi Sports Channels and Yas TV, have continued their coverage of the Dubai World Cup in a manner commensurate with the big event that started with an Emirati idea, is held on Emirati territory and is planned and executed by Emiratis. This reflects the safety, security and prosperity of the UAE.” said Mohammed Ebraheem Al Mahmoud, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Media. “In the third year coverage, we maintain the same level held previously with certain important professional additions such as diversifying the channels to reach the largest number of viewers of all nationalities. We provided coverage in both Arabic and English in an important development, especially that our correspondents has made exclusive interviews with a number of equestrian superstars, whether owners, coaches or riders”.

Al Mahmoud pointed out that such coverage is part of ADM’s integrated mission and strategy to provide media content that goes at par with all what the UAE has to offer. “If someone follows what we have provided during this week, one will realize the size of effort and performance put into the coverage of the competition.” He pointed out that Abu Dhabi Media always emphasizes the meaning and value of what it offers, and the sought goals and objectives through the eyes and thoughts of our distinguished Emirati media.

“We have always affirmed that the Dubai World Cup is not just an important sporting event, but rather a comprehensive vision of the reality and future of the UAE, through which our country sends a message of being a gathering place for people from around the world where they can coexist peacefully, and where horses from all over the world come together and run a race for the glory of winning a title and a cup granted by the UAE.” he added.

14 continuous hours:

In terms of covering the event, Yaqoub Al Saadi, Head of Abu Dhabi Sports Channels announced that “The coverage has several aspects, the first is to convey the street views and responses. Through this approach, we also highlight different locations and attractions of Dubai and the level of development it has achieved, which surpasses most of the cities throughout the world; the second aspect of the coverage is talking about horse races. "

The Head of Abu Dhabi Sports channels revealed the form of coverage that will be conducted this year, where there will be a studio in Meydan with a large team of correspondents distributed on several points in the city to make interviews with passersby concerning the World Cup and provide a picture of the atmosphere throughout the city. The coverage continues from various locations until 2:00 pm, during which we will learn about the traffic, the temperatures, how to reach and enter Meydan and other details of interest to people, noting that tickets for today’s event were sold out. “So we are talking about around 70 thousand spectators who will come to Meydan and are willing to know the way, the temperature and all what is required to access the event.”

The Race Studio:

Al Saadi pointed out that at the beginning of the race at 2:00 p.m., the team will be distributed all over the field alongside other places where the media is allowed. He stressed that “Such extensive coverage has become a standard of Abu Dhabi Sports and Yas, at the same time with the same momentum, we will be covering the closing event of Al Marmoom Heritage Festival. Then we go to another international event to cover the reception of the Special Olympics World Games flag, which will also be held in the UAE.  Then we move to sea races, endurance races and international football matches. We have a big task and goal ahead of us, which is for Abu Dhabi Sports to earn the viewers’ confidence and loyalty throughout the week. We are covering Dubai World Cup with various programs, reports, documentaries, followed by the big night coverage. However, this is not the end of the road for us, we still have a lot of work and efforts to remain at the leading position for the viewers.”

The big world event will be covered by a large number of the Abu Dhabi Sports presenters including Massoud Mohammed, Saoud Al-Raisi, Omar AlJgheiman, Fanny Salimon, Sara Hammadin, Israa Al-Shammari, Ivan Al-Zubaidi, Mohammad Ismail, Munther Al-Mazki and Saif Al-Wahidi. In the preparation we have Salah Jaber, Tawfiq Mohammed, Hisham Al-Jazali, Mohammed Sousa and Maha Jumaa. The coverage will be directed by Hussein El Sayed and Abdel Karim Shalabi along with a big team in the technical side of the coverage, including photography, editing, production and many others who work behind the cameras with devotion and faith in the channel’s goal and message.