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Abu Dhabi Media Wins 30 Awards at Cairo Artwork & Media Mondial

14 November 2017

Abu Dhabi Media won 30 awards at the 6th Cairo Artwork & Media Mondial, which is sponsored by the General Union for Arab Producers. The winners were announced during a ceremony held at the Media Production City under the slogan “No to Terrorism”.

 Abu Dhabi Media participated in the Media Mondial with a wide selection of programs including TV and radio productions that proved to be hugely successful in 2017. The most notable of the awards was the Best Influential Media Figure Award was given to H.E. Dr. Ali bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media.

 The awards won by Abu Dhabi media included 16 gold, two silver, and six bronze; in addition to three certificates of appreciation, and three plaques of excellence.

 Commenting on these achievements, Dr. bin Tamim said: “Through these awards Abu Dhabi Media asserts its high professional level. Abu Dhabi Media has worked hard to develop its position as a leader in the media sector in the UAE in particular, and the rest of the region in general.

 “These awards crown our work and strategic goals that made excellence and quality the basis of improving our art and production output. Our journey has always been driven by the targeted content that reflects the trendy topics in the Arab world and the Gulf. This qualified us to become leaders in the media sector in TV and radio,” bin Tamim added.

Abdulrahman Awadh Al Harthi, Acting Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Television Network at Abu Dhabi Media said: “Winning these awards reflects the scale of the efforts employed by the staff at Abu Dhabi Television Network. It is the fruit of organized work and the clear strategic vision, in which we want to be pioneers. Our purposeful work is a reflection of the excellence of what we present to meet the interest of our audience and raise intellectual awareness among them.”

 Abdulla Buatabh Al Zaabi, Acting Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Radio network at Abu Dhabi Media, praised the support and direction of the top management of Abu Dhabi Media to the executive management, which was the prime motivator for strengthening the culture of excellence and purposeful content. This has contributed towards keeping up with current developments and their repercussions on the audience’s aspirations and preferences. This has always been an incentive to make new and excellent content, he said.

 16 Awards

 The 16 gold awards won by Abu Dhabi Media were divided among TV channels and radio networks, with the television department winning gold for the programs: Dahaliz Al Zalam (Labyrinth of Darkness), Awnak (Your Aid), 35 Daqia (35 Minutes), Suni’a fi’l Emiarat (Made in the Emirates), Tawqi’at (Signatures), Turathuna Al Talid (Our Time-Honored Heritage), Min Rahiq Al Iman (From the Nectar of Faith), Sirat Qalb Wa Masirat Watan (Story of a Heart and Journey of a Homeland), in addition to the film Fares Min Al Asatir (A Knight from Legends) on Abu Dhabi Sport, Dinuna (Our Religion) program, Cairo program from Abu Dhabi Sport, and As’hab Al Himam (People of Determination) program.

 Abu Dhabi Radio Network won gold for the program Sirat Qalb Wa Masirat Watan (Story of a Heart and Journey of a Homeland), Sanerji’u Yawman (We Will Return One Day) program, Atfaluna Nujumuna (Our Children Are Our Stars) program, and the Radio Song program. 

2 Silver and 6 Bronze Awards

 The programs that won silver are Flash and the advertisement for The National newspaper, while the six bronze awards went to the following programs: Tawazon (Balance), the advertisement for The National, Abu Dhabi Gourmet, Abu Dhabi Activities, Emaratiya b’ Emtiyaz (Emirati Par Excellence), and Sa’et Khai (Hour of Good). 

Plaques and Certificates

 The programs that won the Cairo Artwork & Media Mondial plaques are Qasr Al Hosn (Al Hosn Castle), and Al Asdiqa’a (Friends) series, while the programs of Estashir Wal Khair Biseer (Consult and Good Things Will Happen) program, Hadi and Buzaal TV series. The advertisement on dealing with rumors won certificates of appreciation.