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Abu Dhabi Sports «Theater dazzling» in chapter II of El Clasico

15 August 2017

Abu Dhabi Sports coverage has added to the creative playing of the world awaited match-up: El Clasico. The coverage of the Spanish Super Cup was up to the size and value of the football main event, which is watched by millions of football fans around the globe. Today, in the second match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Abu Dhabi Sports coverage will bring all the glamour and creativity, with exclusive reports, interviews, analysis, and news coverage inside and outside Santiago Bernabeu, the home stadium of Real Madrid before and after the event.

From the grounds of the second match, the exclusive coverage continues with the main analysis studio, presented by Osama Al Amiri, airing at 9:00 pm, around three hours before the match kick-off. Abu Dhabi Sports main studio will host Fernando Morientis, the former Real Madrid and Spanish squad top scorer along with Zubair Bia and Khaled Bayyoumi.

Morientes was one of the top strikers in the history of Real Madrid, who formed a notable and highly successful partnership with Raúl Gonzalez and earned the Champions League trophy three times with the royal club. He scored 72 goals in 182 matches between 1997 and 2005. He played with the Spanish national team in World Cups 1998 and 2002.

The field studio will host Luis Garcia, the former Barcelona star; the Brazilian Julio Batista, the former Real Madrid Player with Abu Dhabi Sports presenters: Massaoud Mohammed and Kareem Al Tarhouni. Abu Dhabi Sports TV cameras will be spread everywhere bringing the viewers the full El Clasico experience. Coverage is not confined to only our colleagues inside and Saif Al Wahedi outside the stadium in Madrid but also in Barcelona where our colleague Mohammed Al Maqrouf will be watching with the Barca fans and reporting from the city squares before and after the match.

Renowned Spanish referee Eduardo Gonzalez will also join the studio to highlight any controversial referee decisions. Gonzales had stated in the first match that a penalty was wrongfully given to Barcelona and that Cristiano Ronaldo's second yellow card he fell into the penalty area was unfair.

Ali Saeed Al Kaabi will be match commentator on Abu Dhabi Sports 1 and Issam Abdo on Abu Dhabi Sports 2. The coverage will continue after the match bringing viewers post-match reactions, exclusive interviews with various football stars, the crowning of the Spanish champion club and the post-match press conferences to be held by the coaches.

"In an event of such magnitude, value and importance, and in the presence of the best football talents of the world, every detail is important both inside and outside the stadium, before and after the game," said Yaqoub Al Saadi, Head of Abu Dhabi Sports Channels “Therefore we, at Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, are committed to our views and will broadcast every aspect of the match from start to finish. We have a team covering behind the scenes, fan reactions, from the change rooms, at the main squares and from the stadium. Certainly in the presence of Barcelona and Real Madrid, we are not covering an ordinary football match, we are covering the most anticipated football event in the world, a match that is of no less importance than the World Cup or the Champions League final as far as the stars, the big names, the media and the public viewership are concerned”.

"The result of the first match has added a lot of excitement to the event and thus increased our responsibility to continue to cover exceptionally for such a worthy event," added Yaqoub Al Saadi. "Abu Dhabi Sports will be the main stage to catch all the excitement, enthusiasm, challenge and creativity on its open to air channels 1 and 2”.

Abu Dhabi Sports coverage starts 2:00 p.m. showing highlights of the first match at Camp Nu which ended 1-3 in favor of Real Madrid, in addition to most important El Clasico matches.