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National Geographic Magazine October Issue

27 September 2017

In its issue for October 2017, National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine brings a collection of interesting features to its readers. It introduces the sustainability dream cherished by Dubai and investigates the issue of Rohingya minority, highlighting the sport hunting of wild animals.

Sustainability Dream Haunts Dubai

The National Geographic Al Arabiya magazine opens with a feature about Dubai and how it turned from a small town to a thriving vast city with economic inputs including tourism, real estate and air travel. Seeking a sustainable future, the city has set a target for itself to be number one among the cleanest cities of the world. Can this dream come true?

Rohingya.. Where to flee?

In its new issue, the magazine introduces us to Myanmar Muslims who face brutal repression in their country at the hands of the Buddhist majority. As a result, they were driven out of their region, which has limited resources, to the neighboring Bangladesh after they have been stripped of their citizenship. They faced a horrifying crack down including mass execution and detention, dredging for their land and systematic rape.   

At the Edge of the World

Living at the edge of the North Pole, traveling around the glaciers to look for pastures for their deers, eating the fresh meat of deers and living inside animal-leather tents, the Nenets are facing two serious risks:  Climate change and development of a giant gas field in Siberia.

Can hunting protect animals from extinction? 

The magazine takes us to the unknown areas of Africa in a feature about animal hunting.  Advocates of sport hunting say that money generated from activities of such type of hunting contributes to maintenance of habitats of wild animals and support people living around them. However, environmental advocates refute these arguments, saying that the killing of major quarries is immoral and contributes to extinction of the wild animal species. So, where is the truth?