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Abu Dhabi Media launches "35 Minutes", a news show on Abu Dhabi TV and Al Emarat

12 August 2017

Abu Dhabi Media has announced the launch of its ‘35 Minutes’ news show, which is broadcasted on Abu Dhabi TV and Al Emarat of the Abu Dhabi TV network, with interactive and purposeful content and an innovative simulation of news and analytical style through its review of the current political issues, especially the case Qatar’s support and financing of terrorist organizations, and the position of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt calling for combating terrorism.

The show airs at 7:25 pm on Sundays and Wednesdays every week, to present its own reading of the most significant news published by local, Arab, and international press on terrorism, as well as the news exchanged by social media users and followers on the same subject.

H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media, said: " 35-minutes is part of a series of programs launched by Abu Dhabi Media to combat and expose the media hoax that Qatar is blatantly trying to broadcast. We aim to present the real picture about what is going on in the region, and review latest developments in an objective and direct manner without exaggeration."

"Abu Dhabi Media will not stop acting upon its values that target purposeful content and presenting the whole truth to the audience. These values are what have made this institution today a highly professional, credible and reputable among its competitors and its audience in the Arab world."

"This program crowns our responsible conduct towards communities and assures our respect for the minds and opinions of the viewers and responds through its content to supporters of the Qatari policy and who think that viewers are ignorant and can be easily convinced using cheap and distorted means" said Bin Tamim.

Abdulrahman Awad Al Harthi, Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Television Network at Abu Dhabi Media, said: "This program reflects Abu Dhabi Media’s strategic approach in addressing and presenting the issue of terrorism practiced by Qatar."

Al Harthi said: "Not long ago we began drama. We then succeeded in documentary production before launching specialized news programs that play a leading role in addressing and refuting the complicated topics and fake news that occupy the region, in full details."

"We will continue to promote our professional and analytical approach, by educating the viewers and listeners to the facts and exposing suspicious messages," he said.

Qualitative reports

The program includes three main segments. The first segment includes qualitative reports on the developments of the event being discussed and analyzed in the episode, as well as a review of video clips of influential figures in the course of the development of the event under discussion. In this segment, the program receives a guest in the studio who analyses the developments of the subject. Another guest is taken via telephone or satellite making a valued contribution to the analysis.

Segment of the press

Another side of the program focuses on reading and presenting selected quotations from local, Arab and international newspapers discussing the subject at hand. A journalist is then received at the studio to comment on the opinions and information presented in the press segment and try to refute them objectively.

Social media

In the third segment, the program seeks to follow up and analyze the social media, its icons and followers, and the nature of their posts and contributions, whether comments, tweets, videos or photos, in order to enrich the social perspective and look at the issue or event discussed in the episode.

The Episode on 13 August 

On Sunday, August 13, "35 Minutes" discusses the late founding leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who warned against terrorism, called upon the world to reject it and denounce its supporters, which are the values that have become inherent by the UAE leadership, government and people. Values that are an integral part of its domestic and foreign policies, which calls for combat against terrorism and to spread the values of stability, tolerance, peaceful coexistence, development and human well-being throughout the world.

The Team

The "35 Minutes" program is produced by the News Center at Abu Dhabi TV will be presented by Suhail Al Zubaidi, with the participation of a group of presenters and reporters in the News Center, which will take part in the presentation of the press and social networking segments. A team of journalists and producers will also contribute to the production from the News Center and from the production section of the Abu Dhabi TV network