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Abu Dhabi Media launches a new season of "Labbaik" show on Al Emarat

22 August 2017

Abu Dhabi Media has announced the launch of a new season of the religious show "Labbaik" in conjunction with the initiation of the Hajj to the sanctified House of Allah (al-Ka’ba), which will be broadcasted Sunday through Thursday on the channel from the 23rd to the 30th of August.

The launch of the program comes within Abu Dhabi Media coverage of the Hajj season and rituals in Madinah and Makkah through its various media platforms in order to provide comprehensive coverage of the most important religious and community events, in conjunction with the departure of the UAE’s official Hajj mission (today Tuesday) through Abu Dhabi International Airport to the Holy Land alongside with pilgrims coming from various parts of the world.

The show, which starts at 4:30 pm every day and continues for one hour, aims at conveying the Hajj rituals from the Holy Land, and to familiarize viewers with the significance of Hajj, its pillars and principles as well as the practices associated with Eid Al Adha through a series of detailed and specially produced reports, in addition to a daily report by the channel's envoy to Mecca. The program will also present a daily TV message from the channel's correspondent, who is escorting the UAE official mission for latest news update.

The show, presented by Musa Zubaidi, will receive calls and contributions from the viewers and try to answer their questions and inquires, where it will be hosting a number of scholars and preachers from the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

The show will discuss a number of basic topics related to Hajj, including the types of Ihraam and the best of them, the significance of Hajj and Umrah when traveling, and the way to Hajj to be forgiven for all ones’ sins, and the rule for certain elderly and women pilgrims entrusting others to throw pebbles for them, the manifestations of divine recognition of pilgrims and how Pilgrimage refines behavior and ethical values.

In addition, the show will discuss other topics such as the concept of the ability to perform Hajj, staying overnight in Mina, and the rules for those who perform Hajj while in debt to others, and pilgrims who unintentionally cross the Meeqat, and what are the most important lessons the pilgrim is supposed to learn from the performance of Hajj, and how Muslims can honor the inviolable months and why these days are of preference. The show will also provide special advices for those who are willing to perform Hajj, and special Duaa’s that pilgrims say when traveling.