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Abu Dhabi Media celebrates the Saudi National Day via its various platforms

22 September 2017

Abu Dhabi Media is providing an extensive coverage of the 87th National Day celebrations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dedicating the content of its various programs on all its media platforms to the occasion, in line with its efforts to cover various national events promoting the unity of the nations of the region, and reflecting its message of emphasizing the Leaders’ vision and supporting the aspirations and values of the UAE and GCC societies.

The coverage of the Saudi National Day ranges from printed, radio to TV as all have prepared a wide selection of programs, special coverage and joint broadcasting with a number of Saudi media outlets, expressing the solidarity, partnership and unity between the UAE and Saudi.

Aletihad Newspaper

Aletihad newspaper assigns a specialized six-page report, covering economic, political, cultural and sports topics. The issue will be published on 23 September.

Zahrat Al Khaleej

For its part, Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine presents a range of articles that will focus on the prominent and influential dignitaries of the Saudi society. Its coverage includes an interview with Mai Teba, the Director General of Nafisa Shams Academy for Saudi Women Support, and another interview with Bahisa Al Arabi titled “A Saudi woman plants the seeds of goodness around the world”. In addition, a special report will be dedicated to most influential Saudi figures in the world. The issue will also include an interview with four Saudi women media personalities who appeared on TV.

The magazine offers a photographic report of the visits of the first ladies from different various cultures of the world to Saudi Arabia, their observance of modest attire, an interview with Saudi fashion designer Ashi Mohammed, and a report showing fashion designs of Saudi designers, as well as the most famous Saudi beauty female bloggers.

Abu Dhabi Television Network

Abu Dhabi TV Network will provide special coverage of the Saudi National Day with special flashes and new songs from the Saudi TV, which will be aired on Al Emarat and Abu Dhabi channels starting Friday evening, and a special episode dedicated to the Saudi National Day from ‘Sabah Al Dar’ morning show on Abu Dhabi Channel at 10:00 am.

Al Emarat Channel will broadcast an episode on Saudi National Day in the "Spirit of the Union" show at 6:30 pm, while Abu Dhabi channel will air the documentary

 "Al Tawheed" at 9:00 am to be replayed on Al Emarat at 2:30 pm. Abu Dhabi TV will be broadcasting the documentary "Building the Country" at 1:00 pm, which will be replayed on Al Emarat at 4:30 pm.

Abu Dhabi Radio Network

The network will be airing Saudi national songs, showing slogans and quotes on the Saudi National Day, with a joint broadcasting with MBC FM, with the participation of the media personality, Ahmed Al-Majeeni.

Emarat FM will provide special coverage, including a special program on the occasion. In turn, Abu Dhabi FM will go on joint broadcasting with the Saudi Arabia Radio (Riyadh Radio) to celebrate this occasion.

In the same context, the News Center of the Abu Dhabi Radio Network will broadcast media reports on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to celebrate the occasion using certain special news to be highlighted in the news bulletins.


Abu Dhabi Media social media is covering the Saudi National Day celebrations alongside its brands via the hashtag #Together_Forever.

The social media pages will focus on promoting the content of Abu Dhabi Media platforms, interacting with the twitter community and social media facilitators to follow the UAE celebrations and its solidarity on this national occasion with the Saudi neighbors.