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Majid transforms for Ramadan

23 May 2017

Majid magazine; one of the publications of Abu Dhabi Media, will appear in a new look starting this Wednesday 24 May. The new look will have special content and a visual identity that reflects the atmospheres of the holy month of Ramadan. 

Through the holy month, the magazine will cover and introduce the major local events and activities related to Ramadan for its readers. The cover page will have Ramadan-themed drawings while the internal pages will have coverage of the Ramadan-related events and activities for children. In addition, the magazine will have Ramadan-themed stories and tales about the popular characters and series of the magazine such as Kaslan Gedn, Jamool, Girl School, Amoona Al Mazyona, Mazon and Dandon, Rashiq, and Khalid Diaries.     

The editorial titled (With My Love) will be published weekly with highlights on behaviors to be observed in the holy month and the morality behind fasting. ‘Ahbab Allah’ section will have major Ramadan topics while ‘Zakya Al Zakya’ and ‘Karamela’ sections will cater to all the boys and girls who want to know about the Holy Month of Ramadan  

Over the holy month, Majid magazine will allocate two pages in its weekly issue under the title ‘Friends in Ramadan’. These pages will contain values and attitudes derived from the sacred nature of this month.   

Mosques that are full of worshipers will also have a section with pages allocated to mosques including Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque that has a magnificent look during Ramadan.  

The story and poetry will also have a share as the magazine pages will always have meaningful stories, fables and poems.