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Abu Dhabi Media launches Ara Rewaiti I See My Novel to further develop Emirati drama

12 May 2018

Abu Dhabi Media has launched the Ara Rewaiti I See My Novel initiative in an effort to motivate and support the creativity of Arab novelists by capitalizing on their talent for building narratives. The initiative seeks to develop Emirati drama in line with the state's interest to support creativity as a tool that emphasizes the vitality of the community and the diversity of its interests and potential.

H.E. Dr. Ali bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media, said: "The initiative lies at the heart of Abu Dhabi Media's strategic values, which aim to distribute creativity and knowledge across local society, thereby achieving its aims to lead the media landscape and to provide new and diverse content based on the community's preferences and interests.”

"Abu Dhabi Media is keen to strengthen its leading role in community development and in providing targeted content by monitoring the cultural and knowledge-based mobility in the country. Abu Dhabi Media also strives to launch specialized programs and initiatives that enrich media with intellectual, creative content and support young minds."

Abdulrahman Awadh Al Harthi, Acting Executive Director of Television at Abu Dhabi Media, said: "The initiative is a quality addition to UAE’s dramatic content and will open new doors for creative Arab novelists to highlight the uniqueness of the UAE in all of its components and aesthetic elements. Abu Dhabi Media is highly qualified to launch the initiative and to provide Arab viewers with works to a uniquely high standard of production."

Hamad Al Kaabi, Acting Executive Director of Publishing, said: "The initiative comes as an addition to ongoing national efforts to nurture innovators and creativity, and to celebrate the local and Arab narrative. The initiative also serves to benefit the UAE as an incubator for the cultural transformations that have created rich and diverse social spheres. Many have portrayed the UAE as the ideal setting for their novels, this initiative will actively contribute towards the revival of creative writing in the UAE and Arab world.”

Al Kaabi noted that staying up to date with and stimulating literary creations underscores Abu Dhabi Media's keenness to further develop the nation’s cultural landscape through harnessing the capabilities of its media platforms and readiness to laud successful and creative thinkers with emerging career opportunities.

The launch of the initiative comes amid Abu Dhabi Media's strategic plans to support innovation and the need for distinctive Emirati drama reflective of the development, positive values, vitality, tolerance and communication of Emirati society. The initiative aims to encourage Emirati novelists by: providing a platform upon which to write, helping to discover and support young talent, and promoting positive values in the face of extremism.

Abu Dhabi Media stated that the initiative is limited to modern Emirati novels written by UAE nationals and resident authors that have been self-published or worked through publishing houses within the past five years. The initiative requires that the novel focuses on life in the UAE and has already been published. It must also include main characters capable of being adequately rendered into television characters.

A committee will be formed to study the available works and to elect candidates. Abu Dhabi Media will then adopt and transform the chosen works into TV shows, in cooperation with production companies. These shows will be broadcasted and advertised for via various platforms.

Authors can submit their works from May 15 through September 15. Those wishing to submit novels featured in other works published by a local or Arab publishing house must submit six copies of the candidate’s work with a signed letter to the Director of Publishing at Abu Dhabi Media to be approved at: PO Box 63 / Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates.