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HD Drama" unveils Fox Crime HD schedule in October

8 October 2017

Abu Dhabi TV's "Drama HD" has announced its line-up of crime and detective series and movies, which are being screened in collaboration with Fox Crime HD and includes 3 new series and line-up of international movies.

The list of shows includes some of the world's most popular series, including season 4 of The Listener, starting October 9, recounting the adventures of a 25-year-old paramedic, Toby Logan, who uses his clandestine telepathy abilities to help people in crises and disasters. The fourth installment of the series dives into Toby's personal life and his relationship with journalist Tia Tremblay, who for some inexplicable reason he cannot read her.

The channel will start airing the seasons of the series Chosen at two consecutive episodes starting from October 18 for the first and second seasons and the third season premiere broadcasting on 26 October. The series revolves around the lawyer Ian Mitchell, who one day receives a mysterious box containing a gun and a photo of a stranger with a guide and instructions to kill that person, to find himself, after another guy tried killing him, in a dangerous game run by a mysterious organization called The Watchers, where he must deceive this organization so that he can survive and return to normal life with his family.

The channel will also air The Art of More starting October 26, revealing the world of crime and intrigue behind the glamorous facades of auction houses in New York City. The series "Joe" will be aired starting October 8, telling the story of a skilled French police officer in the city of Paris in pursuit of murderers and criminals, with investigations of crimes occurring in famous sites in the city. The first season of the series "The Black List" will start as of October 31. The channel will continue airing the series started showing in September including King And Cracked.

The channel will feature a selection of top international movies, including In Secret starring Elizabeth Olsen on Friday, October 6, with the film set up in the 1860s in Paris, about the young Teresa Racine, who is trapped into a loveless marriage with her cousin Camille, by her domineering aunt, until she meets her husband's friend and falls in love with him and embarks on an illicit affair that leads to a tragic end. The channel will also show The Alphabet Killer starring Eliza Dushko on Friday, October 27, telling the story of a double homicide in Rochester city, New York.

In addition, the channel will feature the movies At Risk starring Andy MacDowell on Saturday, October 7; Cold In July with Michael C. Hall on Friday, October 13; The Raven starring John Cusack "On Saturday, October 14; Beyond a Reasonable Doubt starring Michael Douglas on Friday, October 20; Parkland starring the Zac Efron on Saturday 21 October and The Front starring Daniel Sunjata on Saturday 28 October.

"Fox Crime HD" shows its content through Drama HD channel during a special period designated for series between 7 pm and 9 pm and is replayed between 1 am and 3 am between Sundays and Thursdays. Movies are aired on Fridays and Saturdays. "Drama HD" is one of the top and highest rated drama channels in the region.