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The 12th Aletihad forum discusses counterterrorism in GCC

17 October 2017
  • Bin Tamim: The forum will devise a strategy to raise public awareness 
  • Al Hammadi: We will be taking a close look at the Qatar crisis, analyzing their policies and continued interference 

Abu Dhabi Media convened for its 12th annual forum, co-organized with Aletihad newspaper and titled “GCC and the fight against terrorism”. The forum featured the participation of elite Arab political analysts, media and academics.

The forum shed light on the conditions that led to the establishment of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and examined the regional developments that pose the greatest challenges to the cohesion of this political system. The forum also addressed the transgressions of the Qatari regime as well as the subsequent damage dealt to the GCC, with particular consideration directed towards its alliance with Iran which seeks to undermine the foundation of the Council. 

H.E. Dr. Ali bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media, asserted: “The theme of the 12th annual forum, GCC and the fight against terrorism, comes at an opportune moment and provides us with a strategic vision to explore public opinion and raise awareness.”

Bin Tamim noted: “This theme is aligned with the ongoing mission of Abu Dhabi Media and its affiliated media platforms, including Aletihad newspaper, whose recent mission has been to present the facts regarding the actions conducted by the Qatari regime with due transparency and objectivity. This occasion comes at a time when the GCC has to make informed decisions in the context of successive regional developments, as well as the ongoing threat of extremism and terrorism which seeks to undermine progress in GCC.” 

Bin Tamim considered the forum, its sessions and discussions as an extension of his responsibility to raise awareness and shed light on the current political landscape for the public community: “This process will contribute to the fight against radicalization and terrorism by reducing the knowledge gap that partitions UAE society. Abu Dhabi Media succeeded in its mission by adopting an informed approach throughout its programs, both in response to public demand but also because this approach has become a necessity imparted by today’s circumstances.”

Mohammed Al Hammadi, Executive Director of Publishing at Abu Dhabi Media and Editor-in-Chief of Aletihad, said: “The forum will discuss the latest developments in the region as well as the ongoing tensions created by the Qatari regime, which remain a significant challenge for the GCC.”

Al Hammadi added, “We have a crisis on our hands that the Qatari regime insists on prolonging it. The solution can only come from within the GCC, and on the condition that the Qatari regime recognizes their transgressions and interference with GCC interests that have now undermined the region’s stability and the security of its people.”

Al Hammadi said, “This year’s forum closely examines the Qatari crisis over the course of four sessions, ensuring that the public can be appropriately informed regarding the full implications of these developments as well as how the policies that have been put in place by the Qatari regime obstruct Arab and GCC interests.”

The papers presented during the forum highlight the role played by the Qatari regime in perpetuating chaos and inciting division among the GCC. From that context, the forum also fielded documents that discuss the support Doha gives to terrorist organization “the Muslim Brotherhood”, as well as the policies and role of the Qatari Regime in instigating the Arab Spring. The forum’s sessions showcased how Doha supported terrorist organizations in Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Libya, in addition to the hypocritical position it has taken in supporting the Houthis and reform movement in Yemen.  

The forum also addressed the GCC’s response to the actions taken by the Qatari regime, as well as its efforts to rehabilitate Doha through the 2014 agreement established during the Arab Islamic American Summit. The featured papers examined the measures taken so far by KSA, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, particularly in the form of the boycott of Doha. 

A paper was presented by the forum on the possibility of mobilizing international public opinion against the Qatari regime’s support of terrorism. Participants presented the legal frameworks available to the four boycotting countries to guarantee their right to defend themselves in line with the international principles of maintaining peace and security, affirming that there are legal measures available to the four countries to sue Doha and Iran in the international field. 

The forum also focused on the role of GCC media in countering the discourse of hatred and refuting Qatari propaganda, while discussing how to impart the correct interpretation of events to Western societies and governments.