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“30 Days around the World” comes back to Zahrat Al Khaleej readers for the second year

17 July 2017

Abu Dhabi Media’s Zahrat Al Khaleej Magazine, has announced the launch of its "30 Days Around the World" interactive social campaign for the second year starting Friday, July 7th with the Maldives, in view of the huge success and popularity it had both regionally and locally in its first edition last year.

Through this campaign, Zahrat Al Khaleej offers its readers and followers the opportunity to explore major tourist destinations around the world through audio-visual clips posted on Snapchat, by a group of Arab and GCC travel enthusiastic young women who share their travel experiences, giving enriching and diversified tips including the proper attire, the best restaurants, major shopping attractions, the services provided and things to avoid or be wary of when traveling to such destinations.

Zahrat Al Khaleej explained that its travel and tourism enthusiast readers can participate in the campaign by following its account on Snapchat and requesting participation, to be the magazine ambassadors and correspondents in the countries they are planning to visit or stay in.

Hala Al Gergawi, the Executive Managing Editor of Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, said that the launch of the campaign for the second year in a row came after the great success achieved last year in attracting more followers and wide participation on Snapchat that exceeded all the expectations. She commended the high quality of the clips sent and the tips given by a group of Arab young women who were keen to share their tourist experience and knowledge of the destinations from which they sent their posts.

Al Gergawi explained that the campaign comes in the context of the magazine's efforts to provide rich and diverse content that suits all its followers and readers, reflecting the magazine’s approach of live interaction with the readers of different age groups, especially with the youth group of Arab young women who have a significant activity on the social media in general and Snapchat in particular.

Zahrat Al Khaleej has extended the campaign to 45 days instead of 30 last year, in response to the demand by its readers and followers on social media channels, where it managed to exceed 67 thousand views on its Snapchat page, which doubled the number of its followers on social media platforms. The campaign took the followers to more than 45 international tourist destinations such as the United States, Indonesia, Spain, Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and Thailand.