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An exceptional event that discusses world issues culturally

10 April 2017

Chairman and Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Media, Mohammed Ebraheem AlMahmood, stressed on the importance of the World Cultural Summit, as an exceptional event that brings together an elite selection of experts, intellectuals and prominent figures from around the world to come up with a common platform that will facilitate the discussion of cultural issues and common peoples’ interests, as well as cultural exchange and cooperation and enhance their role in building societies.

"The cultural summit comes at an important time in the history of the region where we are witnessing the spread of ideas of violence and extremism, and today societies are in direct need of getting out of the tremors of extremist movements" he said.

Al-Mahmood pointed out that it is important for global cultural leaders to meet in Abu Dhabi, which is known for its trans-cultural character, to discuss how to invest the factor of culture in finding solutions and the overcoming contradictions and come up with mechanisms that will advance humanity and contribute to its development.

“However, the aim is to create new concepts in dealing with global issues and to promote the position of the UAE in general and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in particular as a global hub of ideas and the provision of practical solutions for many of the challenges that hinder access to a civilized human society where everyone lives happily, safely and peacefully.

He pointed to the need to identify the challenges and obstacles that may pose a threat that hinders the prospects for progress and prosperity, which is the responsibility of everyone today.

He also noted the importance of focusing on media and culture in transferring knowledge and finding innovative means of communication and efficient contribution to shaping a better future for this world.

AlMahmood said that hosting and organizing of the Cultural Leadership Summit 2017 will strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading global destination for cooperation, cultural exchange and intercultural partnerships, discussing vital issues of interest to the world through the organization of cultural events and the launch of global initiatives.

He concluded that culture is a prominent pillar for the development of society as it establishes peace and openness to others, and promote dialogue and tolerance in a civilized manner that is appropriate for all societies