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Abu Dhabi Media covers the “Year of Giving” with purposeful content

4 February 2017

In response to the initiative launched by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, in which he declared 2017 as the ‘Year of Giving’, Abu Dhabi Media has announced that it will harness all its capabilities to support the initiative through various programs, events, coverages and initiatives to promote all aspects of this event at all levels and areas. With its content, Abu Dhabi Media reflects the keenness of its different platforms to provide diversified and innovative content, promoting the vision of leaders, the achievements of the UAE and the aspirations and values of the UAE society.

"We, at Abu Dhabi Media, are committed through our strategic and interim business plans to all what might serve the public interest. In line with this commitment and the vision of our wise leadership, Abu Dhabi Media has been working on a special program cycle to support the UAE’s efforts to act as a role model in charity work, promoting our role towards our society and nation, to build Abu Dhabi Media’s reputation and realize its objectives and responsibilities" said Mohammed Ebraheem Al Mahmoud, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Media.

In turn, H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media, confirmed the completion of preparations to cover, and contribute to, the "Year of Giving" initiative, and support it with purposeful content that translates the UAE’s policy and efforts to lend a hand to all peoples of the world. He pointed out that media plays a key role in such national initiatives, as it reflects the true image of this huge humanitarian event, while contributing to the creation of tools and mechanisms to increase its presence and effectiveness.

Abu Dhabi TV Network

As part of its programming in the ‘Year of Giving’, Abu Dhabi TV network is launching a weekly show on the Abu Dhabi TV channel “Sahat Khair” (Arabic for “An Hour of Giving”), a weekly show aimed at supporting and raising awareness about the initiative of the President of the UAE. The show provides a weekly news bulletin on major charity activities inside and outside the UAE. It incorporates a segment titled “Bulletin of Happiness”, which includes important news, including charitable initiatives along with a series of reports on humanitarian cases and touching stories, as well as a weekly report on the history of the UAE in philanthropy. The show interviews officials and businessmen from the UAE, giving them the opportunity to contribute to the ‘Year of Giving’, highlighting the voluntary or charitable initiatives of individuals and institutions whether locally, in the Arab World or worldwide, as well as special initiatives at the family level.

The Abu Dhabi TV network has prepared a series of fillers including community messages to raise awareness of good deeds and charity among the community. A part of the fillers titled "A word of goodness" will bring a thank you message by someone who has received help from someone else.

Majid Channel launches a children's awareness show titled "Ammouna and Fodouli in a Journey of Goodness" and "Maakam" (“with you”) which focuses on children with special needs. In addition to awareness fillers for children about the importance of charity and giving. Majid Channel also produces a series of children's songs about doing good and helping others under the title “Noghanni Lil Khair” ("We sing for goodness"), in addition to launching an interactive video game that helps children understand the values of goodness and giving.

Abu Dhabi Radio Network:

Al Quran Al Kareem FM has prepared special content for a number of its shows concerning "The Year of Giving". Its “Sabahu Al Nour” show will be highlighting the efforts of charitable organizations. “Istasheer wel Khair Beiseer” (“Consult and Good things will happen”) highlights the most important initiatives of the ‘Year of Giving’. Meanwhile, the show “Ya Baghi Al Khair Aqbil” (“Those who want goodness, come here”) urges for community sharing. The radio highlights, through a series of dramatic fillers, the bright aspects in the act of giving. A selection of fillers will be devoted to present quotes from the rulers of the Emirates on the occasion of the ‘Year of Giving’.

In "Ahla Sabah" (“Most Beautiful Morning”) Emarat FM hosts various social figures talking about the goodness, its meaning and importance. The live “Studio One” show dedicates one monthly episode to speak on the same subject. The radio will launch a weekly show titled “Ya Shabab Feekum AL Khair” (“Hey young men, you are up to it”) deals with the innovations of young people in giving and community service.

Every Tuesday, Abu Dhabi Radio will dedicate its “Sabbahkom Allah Bil Khair” (“Good Morning to You”) to talk about the ‘Year of Giving’. The radio will also launch a weekly show entitled "Maathourat" (“Proverbs”), which uses drama content to highlight the values of goodness. Star FM will be broadcasting daily segments on volunteering and humanitarian activism through the “Sabaho” (Goomd Morning) show. Meanwhile, the Radio News Center will provide a follow-up to the latest developments in charitable initiatives locally and internationally in the show “Mahattat Al Khair” (“Stops of Goodness”).


Aletihad newspaper will be devoting a daily space on its first page under the title "Dirham Attaa" (“A Dirham for giving”) in which it encourages AED 1 for charity. The newspaper also devotes a weekly page titles “Ataa” (“Giving”) where it highlights good deeds and benefactors. It also provides a summary of volunteering activities and the attributes of giving in the UAE in a monthly attachment titled “Hasad AlKhair”. Journalists of Aletihad Newspaper volunteer to prepare voluntary research materials on goodness to enrich Arabic content on Wikipedia.

National Geographic Al Arabiya magazine presents under the title “a photo of goodness” a call with photos published on electronic platforms, calling for the protection of the land and the environment, and will dedicate its annual calendar for community and volunteering photos under the title “Calendar of Goodness”. The magazine follows the diaries of volunteering work in the UAE through its social media platforms under a special hashtag #Diaries_of_a_volunteer which will be launched in collaboration with various entities who are active in volunteering and humanitarian work, where it will post photographs and diaries of volunteers trying to serve others. 

Majid Magazine will highlight humanitarian instances from the biography of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the “children of Zayed” in a devoted section of the magazine. It dedicates a number of pages to raise children's awareness of the values of goodness, entitled "Color for Giving". Meanwhile, issues of Majid Magazine will be distributed to children’s clinics under the slogan “Majid, the Children’s Friend”.

"Zahrat Al Khaleej" magazine is leading a toy donation campaign for needy families inside and outside the UAE under the title “Toys with wings”.

Digital Media 

Abu Dhabi Media launches a new digital platform under the name of "Applying the Goodness", which highlights charitable and philanthropic activities by institutions and individuals, and gathers the produce of Abu Dhabi Media throughout the ‘Year of Giving’ with interactive spaces in philanthropy and volunteering. It will also launch its initiative “Tweet for Giving” on social media platforms in association with Twitter.

The Fleet of Goodness

LIFE and the United Print and Publishing (“UPP”) are launching the "Fleet of Giving" initiative, which includes displaying of the slogan and messages of the ‘Year of Giving’ on their vehicles. UPP will also invest in the returned publications, to be distributed to universities, children’s clinics and refugee camps.

Training and advertising spaces

Abu Dhabi Media holds a media talents lab, where Abu Dhabi Media employees volunteer to train media talents. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi Media Platforms will be dedicating advertising spaces for philanthropy, volunteerism and community service to support private sector initiatives in the ‘Year of Giving’.