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First episode of “Dahaleez Al Zalam” shows the start of the secret organization

13 May 2017

Abu Dhabi TV Network of Abu Dhabi Media, starting from Sunday, the documentary series “Dahaleez Al Zalam” (Arabic for “Passageways of Darkness”) which uncovers all the details about the secret organization of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in the UAE.

The first part will be broadcast on Sunday, May 14, at 9:30 pm on Abu Dhabi TV, which will be titled "The beginnings and the roots of conspiracy". The episode presents a historical account of the Muslim Brotherhood, how the secret organization was established and its beginnings in the UAE. It further shows how the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ activists brought its ideology from abroad, how they were able to penetrate government institutions and the education sector and how they used religious cover to achieve the organization’s objectives.

The first episode will be featuring a number of UAE academics, researchers, media personalities and a number of former members of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ organization who will tell their testimonies during the episode.

"Dahaleez Al Zalam" series is prepared and presented by Hamdi Yassin, directed by Omar Ibrahim and produced by Abu Dhabi Media. It will be showing exclusive footage and testimonies for the first time of the crimes committed by the secret organization and its schemes.

The second part will be broadcast on Tuesday, May 16 under the title “Solicitation and pledge of loyalty”, while the third part of the series will be aired on Sunday, May 21, under the title "The Fall of Masks", whereas the fourth and last part will be broadcast on Tuesday, 23 this month under the title "Justice in broad daylight".