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Youth of Giving.. new program in Emarat FM in line with the “Year of Giving”

18 April 2017

In support of the ‘Year of Giving’ initiative launched by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, Emarat FM of Abu Dhabi Radio Network will launch a weekly program for the younger demographic titled ‘Youth of Giving’. The program will kick off on Wednesday 19 April 2017 at 9:00 p.m. UAE local time.   

This social youth-oriented live program will be presented by Fawziya AL Qadi and Mohammed Al Junaibi and will consist of a variety of sections and incredible stories about volunteering and contributions that aim to establish the concept of serving the country in the new generations and giving without waiting for consideration. The program will focus on the young talents in giving and philanthropy.     

The program will include a section entitled "Country of Giving" that will cover in each episode the positive meanings and principles that we should adamantly instill in the young people such as tolerance, peaceful coexistence, giving, etc. The fundamentals of giving are deep-rooted in the Emirati society and individual and even the resident of the UAE as giving is one of good manners that are typical of those who have a good nature. This emphasizes the fact that the United Arab Emirates is a country of giving and tolerance, sowing giving, reaping love and happiness and spreading peace and security.        

The program will also contain a section titled "Make a Difference". This section covers the significance of the positive thinking as you can decide the way you think. If you choose to think positively, you will be able to remove much of the undesirable feelings that may prevent you from achieving the best for yourself and the others surrounding you. In this section, a human development specialist will be hosted to discuss something related to the positive change that can make a difference within a family or school and serve the best interest of all individuals and the society in general. E.g. think differently live differently… expect good things to come… start to pardon yourself and others.   

"May God Give You Strength" is another section that focuses on the establishment of the volunteering concept and building positive attitudes to encourage the new generations to volunteer by highlighting the major volunteering initiatives inside and outside the UAE and communicating with the relevant authorities.    

There is also "Spotlight", a section where major social initiatives in the ‘Year of Giving’ will be highlighted in more details after contacting public and private entities and work on promoting their initiatives based on the level of relativity in volunteering and social responsibility.    

Another section of the program is "We Appreciate Your Opinion". In this section, the audience will have the chance to express their opinions and participate via our social network accounts, giving more room for personal initiatives that fall within the orbit of giving and sacrifice and introducing such initiatives to potential sponsors who can adopt and apply such initiatives, if applicable. At this time, official authorities may be contacted as indicated above to sponsor initiatives such as Takatuf and Fazaa. This role can be also played by other entities that can adopt such creative initiatives and ideas in volunteering as a main pillar in philanthropy and giving.      

‘Youth of Giving’ will also host leaders of initiatives supporting the ‘Year of Giving’ whether individuals or public or private entities. There will be also interviews with the audience asking them interactive questions to explore the trends of public opinion. E.g. the question would measure the acceptability of volunteering among the public, how much they know about the acts of giving, what are the acts that can constitute the most favorite choice for the majority and how can a person be effective in his/her society in the area of the philanthropic initiatives.