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“Zohour Al Umr” celebrates Mother’s Day on Al Emarat

15 March 2017

The third episode of “Zohour Al Umr” (Arabic for "Flowers of Life") broadcasted on Al Emarat at 7:00 pm Friday, March 17, celebrates Mother's Day, where the three segments of the show presented by Shams Al-Saadi will be devoted to speaking about this happy occasion.

In the first segment, the show will host Dr. Omar Al-Kubaisi, the preacher in the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, to talk about the virtues of the mother in Islam and the principles of dealing with the mother by the children.

The second segment of the show will focus on the art of flower arrangement by hosting the floral specialist Mr. Ala Mahmoud Qodsi, who will present a live flower arrangement show with a group of children who will learn how to give their mothers beautiful bouquets of flowers on the Mother’s day.

In the third segment, the show highlights the presentation and preparation of the Mother's Day sweets, with the participation of Ms. Ashwaq Abdul Karim, owner of Sugar Nabat Sweets, and a group of children who will participate in cake decoration to present them to their mothers.

‘Zohour Al Umr’ is presented by Shams Al-Saadi, and focuses on children from breastfeeding age until the end of primary school. It deals with the psychological, health and social aspects and educates families on the problems that their children may experience and how to find scientific solutions for them such as identifying children's personalities and causes, children's health nutrition and other topics.