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Abu Dhabi Sports to provide exclusive coverage of the Special Olympics

18 March 2018

• H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Tamim: “Our coverage of the Special Olympics reflects the important status of People of Determination in the UAE.”

• Abdul Rahman Awadh: “This coverage carries a message and conveys the superb performance and efforts of People of Determination and their great potential.”

• Yaqoob AlSaadi: “We are keen to provide a distinctive media image for each event via 12 hours of coverage daily.”


Abu Dhabi Sports Channels has announced an exceptional program to cover the 9th Regional Games of Special Olympics, which commenced on Saturday March 17 and will continue till the Games end on 24th of this month.

Abu Dhabi Sports has allocated its 1-6 channels for its viewers throughout the Arab world and Middle East to watch the coverage of the Olympics, along with its competitions and events daily.

This extensive coverage, which is the largest of its kind, includes many programs, segments, messages and commercials, as well as the coverage of all events across the sites and venues in Abu Dhabi. This comes as part of efforts from Abu Dhabi sports to interact with events in a manner adequate to its value and position.

Abu Dhabi Sports has mobilized more than 40 cameras to optimally cover the various competition sites accompanied by a large number of correspondents and hosts thoroughly covering every aspect of the Olympics and presenting them in full. Additionally, eleven commentators specializing in these types of games will be covering the competitions in both Arabic and English, in addition to a series of programs, segments and commercials on the sidelines of these events.

H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media, said: "The Special Olympics is one of the most important international sporting events for People of Determination. It is a genuine opportunity to highlight their skills, abilities and talents. It is important that we recognize their capabilities and great potential and to show what an individual can achieve when they believe in their abilities,”

H.E. then added: “Our large and wide scale coverage of the 9th Regional Games of Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi is a confirmation of the important role of People of Determination in our beloved country, as well as our responsibility towards them, which has always been emphasized by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, patron and supporter of this event. Therefore, our plan to allocate a special program stems from the directives of our wise leadership and great interest in such determined people and to achieve the aspirations of our viewers to watch the event through a mature and comprehensive media network.”

On his behalf, Abdul Rahman Awadh, Executive Director of TV at Abu Dhabi Media said: “This coverage will give a strong moral boost to People of Determination in the UAE and the Arab region. What viewers are seeing will also provide an important community boost on how to embrace this category of people and to give them the due amount of support and attention,”

“Our coverage is based on the highest global standards for such a world-class sporting event. Therefore, we provided the full opportunity to all channels and institutions wishing to broadcast the event to receive coverage free of charge,” Added Awadh.

Yaqoob AlSaadi, Head of the Abu Dhabi Sports Channels, explained that the live coverage will begin daily at 9am and continue to 9pm, followed by full preparation of these games and competitions.

AlSaadi also pointed out that there will be analytical programs and follow-up news of the event from all the sites where the competitions are held, along with a one-hour daily summary of other accompanying events through a number of sites in Abu Dhabi. “We will provide a second one-hour summary to brief our viewers on the competitions that they might have missed and this hour will serve those who do not have the time to watch the events in their full length.”

The coverage will include a three-minute press summary that we will send out to global news agencies as a newsletter that conveying the details of the Olympics.