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Abu Dhabi Media signs agreement of collaboration with Kuwaiti Media

6 August 2017

Abu Dhabi Media announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding and collaboration with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, represented by the Television of Kuwait aimed at establishing a framework of joint efforts and collaboration between them in TV archiving to better facilitate the exchange of archiving material over the coming period.

Abu Dhabi Media indicated that the implementation of the agreement has started with Television of Kuwait’s search for some missing material from the archives and were stored at Abu Dhabi TV Archives. The Kuwaiti missing archives include a collection of old Kuwaiti shows and TV serials dating back to 1990 and earlier along with other material.

"The agreement with the Kuwaiti Media comes as part of Abu Dhabi Media’s keenness to strengthen the bonds of strategic collaboration with various media entities and institutions in the Arab world. This is in line with our objectives of raising the bar of Arab Media and meeting public needs in this fast-paced world," said Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media.

“The agreement fits within Abu Dhabi Media's endeavors to build Arab media alliances and strategic partnerships that would advance the media industry in the country and across the region through ensuring an effective exchange of expertise and capabilities. This agreement shall act as a launching pad for this process and the foundation of future collaboration.” He added.

Abu Dhabi TV Network has one of the largest TV libraries in the Arab world, as it incorporates hundreds of thousands of archiving material that document significant milestones and junctures in the history of the UAE and the Arab region at large since the 1950s in addition to myriad and rare Gulf TV drama and cultural productions.

Out of its staunch belief in the paramount historical importance of such material whether for the UAE, the region or the Arab World and the need to protect this significant wealth, Abu Dhabi Media has strived over the recent years to digitize and classify its old archive content, so that it is accessible and usable with the technology. ADM has made huge investments to implement this project in collaboration with a leading international company operating to correct and update the old footage.