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Zahrat Al Khaleej launches channel via Snapchat Discover

29 May 2017

Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, Abu Dhabi Media publication, announced that it will launch its new interactive channel via Snapchat Discover as a part of its plan to offer innovative services to the Arab World. This will make it the first Emirati magazine to offer its readers exceptional experience via this new platform supporting the magazine's efforts to develop the ways it presents its content to the public. 

Hala Al Gergawi, Executive Managing Editor of Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine said, "Zahrat Al Khaleej has been always a leader in publishing and digital industries. With the launch of the magazine’s Snapchat Discover channel, we combine our strength and knowledge in both fields. We are pleased to be the first Emirati publication to provide such experience in the Middle East".     

A team consisting of professional editors, bloggers and influencers creates special content for Zahrat Al Khaleej Discover Channel. The content will be uploaded onto the Channel to be a new daily issue consisting of ten stories that can be easily toggled by users. The topics will be available for 24-hour period.   

"We want our channel to be the destination of all new things in fashion, beauty and modern life. We promise nothing but the best service for our followers on social media", said Ms. AL Gergawi 

Zahrat Al Khaleej is a leading magazine that focuses on the Arab woman's life style, concerns, and achievements since 1979. The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to fashion, beauty, and luxurious life style. It has 7 million followers on social media.  

The magazine is published by Abu Dhabi Media, targeting women between 20 – 55 years old and distributes more than 200 thousand copies across the Arab World. It also issues and distributes a variety of specialized seasonal supplements including Wedding, Fashion Collections, Watches and Jewelry, Fashion – Moroccan Edition and a series of travel supplements entitled Destinations.