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Part two of “Dahaleez Al Thalam” presenting confessions and exclusive testimonies of former members of the secret organization

15 May 2017

Abu Dhabi TV Network of Abu Dhabi Media will be presenting tomorrow (Tuesday) part two of the documentary series: "Dahaleez Al Thalam" (Arabic for “Halls of Darkness”) at 9:30 pm on Abu Dhabi TV, which uncovers all the details about the secret ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ organization in the UAE. Meanwhile, part one which was broadcast yesterday (Sunday) evening, got more than 147 million views on social media channels.

The second installment of the documentary "Dahaleez Al Thalam" will be titled "Solicitation and the Pledge of Loyalty". The episode will include important testimonies and confessions of ex-members of the organization, through which they will provide important information on how the organization solicits and recruits its members according to age groups. The episode will provide detailed explanation of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ families, and how the organization sought to establish a military wing through the preparation of students for that stage until the pledge of loyalty to other than the rightful rulers.

The second part of the documentary series "Dahaleez Al Thalam", directed by Omar Ibrahim and prepared by Hamdi Yassin and produced by Abu Dhabi Media, comes after part one was ranked first on the list of the most shared posts on twitter, whereas Abu Dhabi TV ranked 3rd on the same list.

Followers and the twitter community responded widely, through Abu Dhabi Media’s social media platforms and on popular personal and news pages, with the first episode videos and the related comments, with over 10,000 tweets and a total access of 15 Million people, and more than 185,000 views on YouTube.

Abu Dhabi TV will broadcast tomorrow (Tuesday) the second part of the documentary series at 9:30 pm Abu Dhabi time (8:30 pm Mecca time), while Abu Dhabi TV will rerun the first episode on May 17 at 1:00 am, And the second rerun will take place on the same day at 3:30 pm.

The third part of the series will be aired on Sunday, May 21, under the title "The Falling of Masks", whereas the fourth and last part will be broadcast on Tuesday, 23 this month under the title "Justice in broad daylight".