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Majid’s 2000th issue published to mark Eid Al Fitr

22 June 2017
  • Bin Tamim: Abu Dhabi Media supports Majid’s mission of development of thinking abilities in children 
  • Fatima Saif: We are keen to present purposeful content to educate and improve our children's education and knowledge 

Majid magazine announced that the 2000th issue will be published to mark Eid Al Fitr. The magazine will provide its readers with a selection of new sections and characters to appear on its pages for the first time as of this Wednesday.  

Majid is one of the widest spread kids' magazine in the Arab world. Its special and purposeful content is designed to enhance their knowledge, improve their educational level and enlighten them using a set of cartoon and comic characters who engage in vigorous adventures in the weekly Wednesday magazine.     

H.E. Dr. Ali bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media, said, "Abu Dhabi Media is committed to supporting Majid magazine as it continues on its journey of enhancing children's thinking abilities and establishing a model for kids' journalism. Through decades, the magazine succeeded to engrave its name in the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of children in the UAE and the Arab World".     

Since its inception, the magazine has had a clearly professional and objective line and has never deviated from its methodology derived from our Arab values. This gave us a promising generation of young people with many children have had the chance to get knowledge from the magazine, said Bin Tamim. 

Majid has rich content and an attractive layout that adds to the pleasure of reading. Majid magazine marked this year with an issue entitled ‘Majid in the Year of Giving’ with a selection of new sections and characters to appear on the magazine pages for the first time and would hopefully gain good impression and satisfaction from the readers.  

Ms. Fatima Saif, Editor in Chief of Majid Magazine, said that the management and the staff are keen to present the best content for young readers to enhance their education and knowledge and stimulate their imagination and scientific thinking.   

"Published by Abu Dhabi Media, the magazine aims to draw on its status and history to be the top Arab magazine for Arab children by continuing to provide educational and informational content in an amusing style that is consistent with the traditions, values and morals of the Arabic family”, said Ms. Saif.  

Majid magazine continues to hold its grand annual competition with its valuable awards and Majid Golden Medal Coin competition. Thousands of readers always seek to take part in both competitions to compete for the awards.  

Majid headquarters became one of the landmarks of Abu Dhabi and has been included in the list of destinations of school trips. Many Gulf readers always seek to visit the magazine headquarters while visiting the UAE with their families.  

The magazine, published by Abu Dhabi Media since 28 February 1979, was named after popular Arab navigator Shehab Eldin Ahmed ibn Majid of Julfar (currently Ras Al Khaimah). The magazine is distributed across the Arab world introducing lovely cartoon characters and comic stories to kids. Through its top cartoonists across the region the magazine is always keen to encourage and interact with its young audience.     

The first issue of the magazine was distributed for free with Aletihad newspaper; 5 thousand copies were distributed at the time and each copy was 48 pages. In the second week, the number rose to 10K colored copies and the number of pages rose to 70 and then to 78 colored pages with new rich ideas and information that received a good impression from the young reader across the Arab region.   

Majid magazine received prestigious the Arab Journalism Award twice, the leadership and excellence award from Global Knowledge Exchange Foundation in New York, Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Arabic Language this year and a number of other prestigious awards. Now, the magazine tends to continue to innovate and provide the best content for kids. The magazine launched social purposeful initiatives to support children literature and encourage children to read.