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Abu Dhabi Media announces termination of contract with MediaSat, subsidiary of Choueiri Group

15 February 2022

Abu Dhabi Media, the leading media services company in the UAE, announced the termination of its contract with MediaSat, a subsidiary of Choueiri Group. The termination reverts the exclusive rights for advertisement sales services in the field of entertainment for the network of Abu Dhabi TV and radio channels, publishing, and digital platforms to Abu Dhabi Media as of February 2022.

Abu Dhabi Media will begin working closely and directly with all of its clients including prominent brands, marketing and advertising companies, and advertising and digital media consumers in a manner that meets the requirements of partners and stakeholders.

Abdul Raheem Al Bateeh Al Nuaimi, Acting General Manager at Abu Dhabi Media, said: “The media, advertising, and marketing sector is witnessing fast-paced changes, particularly in terms of advertisers’ trends towards focusing on social media and digital platforms due to their popularity. Therefore we seek to act more quickly to keep up with the trends in the market by providing integrated solutions through all our radio, television, and digital platforms. We have confidence that the Abu Dhabi Media team is able to meet the requirements of advertisers in accordance with our commercial strategy.”

Abu Dhabi Media thanked MediaSat for its cooperation during the previous stage. Abu Dhabi Media affirmed its commitment to providing captivating interactive content throughout all of its platforms to meet the aspirations and interests of the audience, and to provide brands and advertisers with unique opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Abu Dhabi Media will continue its journey of innovation and development in content creation to further enhance the leading position of the company, and to provide the best services. These operational improvements will help bolster Abu Dhabi Media’s standing by providing the best methods to reach the audience.

In 2020, Abu Dhabi Media launched its strategy for producing unique content that meets the aspirations and interests of the audience, develop digital content, expanding commercial partnerships throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and empowering local talent.