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With the increasing popularity of Majid Magazine and Majid comic, which has become a cultural phenomenon deeply embedded across the Arab speaking world, Majid TV was established in 2015 with the task of not only continuing the Majid legacy, but also extending the appeal and benefits to its target audience that stretched far beyond a weekly print edition. Riding on the success and legacy of the famous Majid Magazine that has been providing entertainment to the region’s children for 37 years, the idea to launch Majid TV channel germinated from the visionary desire of Abu Dhabi Media Network’s to take Majid into the digital age with its own broadcast channel and website, to further capture the attention of the newer generation of children.

Majid TV seeks to extend the appeal and benefits to its target audience that stretches far beyond a weekly print edition. The shows purpose is aligned with the culture and ethos of the local community, of UAE and of the gulf. It seeks to engage children in a fun and entertaining way, so they may enjoy their time watching home-grown productions, cartoons and characters that represent their environment and society, such as the publications popular characters Majid and Kaslan, whose activities, adventures and characteristics prove exciting and relatable for the young audience. Today, Majid has expanded its media activities to include its own TV channel and online presence, including both its website and social media channels, for which its Facebook page garnering close to a million likes.

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